verilux cleanwave sanitizing wand

by clara lee

The Verilux Cleanwave sanitizing wand is a cordless wand that sanitizes counters, objects, etc. using ultraviolet light; it's proven to eliminate MRSA, H1N1 virus, and 99.9% household germs. The UV-C light is used also to sanitize hospitals, and it works by penetrating viral and bacterial membranes and destroying their DNA. The UV-C light has a wavelength of 258 to 262nm.

The Cleanwave has been in development at Verilux Co. since 2006. The Verilux Cleanwave costs $100 on Amazon and according to reviews nearly everyone seems satifisfied with the product. The sanitizing wand is put into an easy-to-use and safe form that allows consumer to utilize its abilities; it doesn't require the usual chemicals that are used in cleaning. It also allows users to clean hard-to-reach places which keeps areas extra sanitized and it's easy to transport so it's easy to clean any place you go, not just your home!

The Verilux Cleanwave is helpful because it kills the bad bacteria that causes illnesses or viruses that infect people. Staying clean is especially important during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. As people social distance, wear face masks, and sanitize with wipes or hand sanitizer, the Verilux Cleanwave allows society to remain even safer by providing an easy method to disinfect things.