by clara lee

As a worldwide pandemic, coronavirus has stopped the normal flow of daily life and forced people to quarantine and begin to wear masks. Some people have to look to social media as an outlet of information on coronavirus. However, social media provides a lot of misinformation which unfortunately can result in death. With this highly infectious virus, it's important to stay properly educated in order to protect ourselves and others.

Social media is passing around misinformation about coronavirus because some people believe it is fake or purposefully created by other countries. Although educated researchers have proven these claims false, some continue to spread their incorrect beliefs across social media. People post misinformation to drive fear into others for their own benefit as they are able to make money from it or they will be able to persuade others to adopt their beliefs. There are also others that spread misinformation because they are trying to calm themselves down and they believe it in order to cope.

Social media is portrayed in a way that makes inexperienced and uneducated people seem correct. By designing it nicely and seeing friends like posts, misinformation can easily seem credible. With such wide outreach and open platforms for anyone to share their beliefs on, wrong information can be dangerously shared. Although some people are trying to fight the misinformation, many others don't stay properly educated. This is why it's important to learn correctly about coronavirus and stay safe by social distancing and wearing a mask!