Clara's GITA 1 Website

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1 where we are learning C#. We used
a windows app called visual studios and you can download that to code C# here.
I am a currently involved in many different activities that include a variety
of sciences. My interests are Marvel movies & hanging out with friends!

In the future I want to go to Stanford and go into the science
field & possibly become a forensic scientist!

Goodbye World


This project allows you to translate the
word "goodbye" into multiple languages

Wavy Help Page


This project shows you my rad help
page for my "surf company" called Wavy!

Mailing Label


This project provides a structured mailing
label after you give your information

Car Rental


This project allows you to "rent" cars
and calculates the cost to rent a car

BMI Program


This project gives you your BMI (Body
Mass Index) using your weight and height

Car Rental 2


This project allows you to rent cars
with vehicle selections & add-ons

Test Score Program


This project gives a letter grade for
your grade percentage and compares two
to see which is higher

Dice Roll


This project randomly rolls dice
and gives you the stats for the rolls

Craps Game


This project imitates the game Craps
that is played at casinos

Slot Machine


This project acts like a slot machine
at a casino that allows you to bet money
to possibly win the jackpot

Shirt Sales


This project enables the user to purchase
multiple items and keeps track of total sales

Football Project


This project allows you to see the result
of bowls of 2 college football teams and
their school's history & information

Fish 1 Program


This project is our first game that
makes a fish move left or right either
automatically or by pressing a button

Fish 2D


This program allows a fish to move in
different directions using the move
button or automatically. The fish is
being chased by a shark and when
eaten, the game restarts.



This project allows the user to input
a number which will be used to calculate
a sum, factorial, fibonacci sequence,
and the number of evens or odds.



This project allows you to play
the game Tic-Tac-Toe.

Basic AI


An AI ladybug is chasing a sunflower,
which you play as & you shoot bullets
to try to damage the ladybug's health
to stop it from eating the sunflower.



This project imitates you going
through a star field in space.

Mini Space Invaders


This program is a mini version of the
classic game, Space Invaders where you try
to shoot invaders before they reach your ship.

Final Project: Endgame


Become one of the Avengers and take on
Thanos in 3 different levels, to collect
all the Infinity Stones. In the final level,
correctly place each infinity stone
according to its name to get back the half
of the population that disappeared after the snap.