This is Ray the Turtle. He is from Hawaii and loves pineapple so much, that he brings
one everywhere. His favorite type of pineapple is white pineapple, which is very sweet.
Ray is a native Hawaiian speaker and even knows how to hula dance. His best friend is
Leilani the dolphin, who teaches him new tricks and how to swim faster early each morning.

His passion is playing music with his ukelele and swimming. Many sea animals listen to
his ukelele songs as he swims past their homes. Ray loves to swim through the coral
reefs of Hawaii alongside the tropical fish and body surfs in the waves! He is a kind
turtle that loves meeting new friends to go on adventures with.

In the future he wants to travel the whole before settling down to live a simple life
in Hawaii. Ray wants to study the ocean, and become an advocate for marine and ocean
life. He hopes that he is able to own a pineapple plantation, where he will make and
eat many pineapple treats that he will also sell in his free time.

Clara Lee